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(The one & only manufacturing subscription service provider in Asia)

According to CNNMoney examination, there are up to 84% hardware creators (at both Kickstarter & Indiegogo) who have had trouble delivering products on time or have encountered difficulties during fulfillment. Even if production units take place, and quality meet the standard, it doesn’t mean you can leave manufacturing or supply chain integration all behind. With our subscription service, as far as the product development, neither do you spend extra money on prototyping before ensuring the DFM (Design for Manufacturing), nor do you worry about sourcing the wrong, disqualified suppliers via Alibaba; As far as the crowdfunding, neither do you set up the wrong pledge & target, nor do you worry about delivering production units on time post campaign. In short, if you intend to look for an oversea supplier’s integrator? Look no further.

GTI Team

We believe that a great hardware campaign or product development requires a solid team in pairing with professional oversea manufacturers/suppliers. With our professonal input, every idea CAN be embodied with one "crowdfunding" away.
  • Scott Weng

    Founder / President

  • Dr. Dasheng Lee

    Distinguished Advisor

  • May Liu


  • Paul Weng

    Crowdfunding Expert

  • Judy Weng

    Operational Manager

  • John Chuang

    Project Manager

  • Sally Chen

    Project Specialist

  • Shiuan Weng


  • Roy Cui

    Supply Chain Expert

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